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About Infosys1 Solutions, Inc.
Infosys Solutions is a rapidly growing , professionally managed Information Technology consulting Company providing a range of services to its Corporate clients since 1999.

Infosys Solutions is a employee-oriented, technology-driven, company that provides IT based solutions, including a full range of Information Technology consulting and software services offerings. Infosys Solutions provides strategic IT planning, process consultation and knowledge management services.

Our Company provides Application Analysis, Design, Development and Programming, Software Engineering, Systems Development, Testing, Integration and management consulting services to various clients throughout theUnited States and India. We provide these services in multiple computing environments and use technologies such as client/server architecture, object oriented programming languages, distributed database management systems.

A Infosys Solutions, we make sure that our clients have right people with the right skills. We are highly talented IT consultants helping our customers meet their IT objectives. We will precisely match client requirements and provide clients with our talented IT consultants. We consistently exceed client expectations. Infosys team has a proven record of providing highly talented IT professionals.
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